iPhone Delivers Bling – iPod Touch Delivers Bang For App Economy

iPhone gets all the attention and the lion share of the paid app economy according to industry observers. However, it is the iPod Touch that is the workhorse in delivering the sheer numbers that drive the 2 billion+ app downloads. For marketers seeking to extend their brand targeting a teen-male-fashion-gadgets-social audience in the app economy, iPod Touch users represent the primary sweet spot.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and get the lay of the unit volume land. iPod Touch represents approx. 40% (22.3M*) of the global OSX installed base as of Q3 2009. In particular, iPod Touch has played particularly well in North America and the UK and proportionally continues to represent a larger install base than the global figures and coincidentally come in at the same level; approx. 46% (15.5M) and 46% (1.9M) of these respective markets.

Note: Apple does not release iPod Touch global or regional figures. However based on certain publicly available resources it is possible to reasonably estimate.

The rise in downloads continues to scale with the latest figures coming in at 10.5 million apps per day. But here is the real kicker. For every 1 app downloaded by an iPhone user; 1.8 apps are downloaded by an iPod Touch user, according to Admob. Almost double. This translates to iPod Touch consuming 54% (146M) of all apps globally and 12M in the UK in the month of September 2009. Given that iPhone volume is accelerating and iPod Touch is expected to grow within a stagnant overall iPod market, a crossover point is expected later this year. Nonetheless, the iPod Touch segment remains a key demographic versus the flash of its twin brother.

As a target audience how are iPod Touch users uniquely defined versus iPhone users? According to comScore and Flurry Analytics they have;

Lots of teen angst. 69% are between 13-24 years and are primarily characterized as teen centric

Less cash. Only 66% have at least 25K annual income

Zeal for fashion and gadgets. More likely to be in the market for mobile, clothes, TV’s and other consumer electronics

Voraciously share their lives. Made up of heavy MySpace, Facebook and SMS users

Of course, one thing both devices have in common is machismo, depending on which industry report you read they are 65-70%+ male.

Here is the slap in the face. iPod Touch users have an insatiable appetite to download the latest shiny new thing; however the tendency is to use it once and chuck it. According to Pinch Media, only 20-30% of users return after first use. Laughably this plummets to approx. 1% of users that continue with the product after 70-90 days. Indeed, Flurry with a much larger sample indicates that in North American and the UK the retention level is 12%. They define this as someone who has downloaded an app at some point in the past and has used the app in the past seven (7) days. Neither Pinch or Flurry break it down by device type, however given the trigger happy nature of iPod Touch users, I would suggest they bear the brunt of the responsibility for these types of stats popping up.

So, if you are a marketer wanting to target this teen-male-fashion-gadgets-social audience, what to do. I would suggest you either create a super engaging app or explicitly design a throw-away app. Don’t bother with the in-between. The app type should factor into your decision-making process as according to Flurry, categories like music, health & fitness and news tend have higher retention levels. In contrast categories like lifestyle and predictably entertainment have lower levels.

Often the best marketing is simply embracing user behaviour and not trying to get all fancy pants on your target market. Design for “use once & dump”, deliver a great one-off “pop” of utility that reinforces the brand. The bonus here is likely to be a faster and cheaper rollout based on a simpler concept realization process.

In contrast, the engaging app needs to deliver a well crafted experience in terms of content, design and go-to market elements. Part of that experience is the integration of social capabilities to appeal to that voracious sharing need mentioned earlier. The result is, hopefully, durability and traction over the long-term with your audience. Indeed, one might argue the reason why users download and use once is the large number of lame home-grown apps.

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Combining Technology and Style – 8 Top Fashion Apps For Your iPhone

Here are some great fashion apps for your iPhone.

1. Trendstop TrendTracker. This app allows you to follow trend reports, uncover news feeds from the fashion industry and view photo galleries from fashion events all over the world. Free.

2. The Fashion Handbook. This one is all about current trends, styles, tips/tricks and more. Good app for fashionistas looking for the next big thing or the average woman looking for style tips. Cost: $9.99.

3. Seventeen Fashion Finder. This app gives you access to the pages of Seventeen Magazine. Perfect for the teen seeking the most current fashion jewelry and clothing, this app is a must-have! Free.

4. Bra-Fitter. This is useful when it comes to sizing yourself correctly. A majority of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra for various reasons – from feeling uncomfortable having a store worker size them to just not having the time. Cost: $1.99.

5. Closest Friend. A unique application, the Closest Friend allows you to archive pictures of what you wore for certain special events. If you have ever found yourself asking, “What fashion jewelry was I wearing at the wedding?” or “Which of my belts did I have on for that corporate meeting last month?” Cost: $0.99.

6. Tattoo Patterns. If you are looking for stylish body art but fail to think up the perfect pattern, this app can supply you with 128 different designer-quality ideas. Now your tattoos and wallets can match! Cost: $1.99.

7. Teen Vogue Haute Spot. This app gives you the ability to sneak a peek into the closet of an editor of Teen Vogue! The cost of this all-access pass is free for now, but may soon come with a charge.

8. Social Mall. This app is the perfect shopping companion. Browse interesting articles on clothing, fashion jewelry, and more. Free.

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The Cost Of A Mobile App And Why Your Business Needs One

Before reading this article, please be aware of the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website. This article will not address these differences and you should research the significance between the two.

Building an app for your business is not as costly as you might think and offering an app to your customers can be one of the best marketing tools available for your business today. Many people believe that building a mobile app for their business is very expensive. While it’s true that highly integrated and customized apps can run into the tens of thousands, there are ways to build an app for only a few hundred dollars that can deliver the same value to your business.

To begin, you need to understand why investing in an app for your business is a small investment for substantial returns. The first and most important component is the ability to communicate with your audience. Second, the ability for users to access information and content is considerably faster than searching through a web browser. A custom mobile app also allows for a design that is consistent with your branding. Finally, the functionality a mobile app delivers far exceeds the limitations of a mobile website.

With the undeniable growth of mobile usage, business owners are eager to find ways to reach their customers on the go. By offering an app and having users accept push notifications, you’re given the privilege to send instant messages at any time. I say privilege, because abusing this powerful tool could lead to many users deleting your app and can cost you your next sale. Be aware to send deals and content that are significant to your fan base so they continue to look forward for more. As your audience grows, this will become invaluable to your marketing.

With consumers becoming less patient, a business can quickly loose sales if customers are delayed in finding what they need. A native app has everything already installed on the device and is able to run as quickly as the device allows. A mobile web site must connect with a web server through data networks and is therefore intrinsically slower. A simple example can be experienced within your own device by navigating through an app and comparing this to a mobile website. While you might think a few minutes in difference might not seem significant, today’s consumers do.

Design of your app is another contributing factor to the quickness an app allows a user to experience. A native application gives a rich experience through a mobile user interface. With the ability to create tabs in an orderly and customized fashion, your app allows your business to maintain your branding consistent with your other marketing mediums. With custom backgrounds and unique icons, your app will deliver a user experience that will strengthen a customers’ ability to identify with your business.

Along with push notifications, an app can deliver functionality like no other marketing tool available on the market today. With features like loyalty programs, direct snap photos they can email, voice recording delivery, and full image push notifications, a mobile app delivers the ability to engage with your customers that no social network is able to offer. A mobile app offers a forum that allows for shared communication and creates an ongoing bond that will grow your business and your bottom line.

Building a custom app for your business will increase engagement in an environment that you design and define. For the cost as a few hundred dollars to design and minimal monthly maintenance fees, offering your customers a mobile app should be an easy decision. The true cost for not offering a native app could be seeing your customers flee to your competitor.

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Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For

In the recent years, the mobile app industry has seen some breakneck innovations and is undergoing a radical makeover. Advanced technologies such as Beacon technology to attract attention to a specific location, Internet of things (IOT) to collect and exchange data, Big Data, Cloud computing has been in the news.

In today’s life mobile apps playing an important role in simplifying the daily tasks. We have mobile applications for all the things today. It is proven that most of the mobile users spend their time on apps surfing.

Here are some mobile app development trends to look out for innovative mobile apps to survive in the competitive market.

• High-level mobile app security

Basic security measures are the prime focus. No one likes when user personal or financial information becomes available to the hacker. Hence, Apple IOS and Google Android consider security as an important factor. So, developers have to endeavor that their apps run successfully with meeting all security protocols.

• Location-based apps with Beacon technology

Apple’s beacon technology has set a buzz in the app industry. Beacon technology makes apps attract attention to a specific location. If you are an iOS user try this out, this will provide a set of services and suggestions based on your geographic location. It is all about providing the right information to the user’s right.

• Wearable Apps

Now everyone’s attention moved to wearable technology. It takes app industry to the next level. Developers have to start building wearable apps. This technology explored from health care, fitness to fashion, textile and more. Smart wears, Apple watch, Google glass, Samsung gear is the great example of wearable technology.

• Internet of Things (IOT)

Various enterprises have also started to integrate IOT. It will help the development of apps with the advanced feature, new standards, and their own security and privacy concerns. Such as smart cars will be able to connect systems like a traffic signal. The signal’s sensor, in turn, will give traffic directions, current weather conditions, send accident alerts and provide alternate route options to the driver.

• Enterprise apps

Both in the app store and play store, among a total number of apps enterprise apps have gained more traction. Enterprise mobile apps are certainly much costlier than consumer mobile apps. Enterprise level apps are provided with utmost security features, such as username/ password, encryption/decryption and MDM software to protect the confidential data from leakage. Research shows that enterprises that provide solutions are going to gain employee satisfaction and friendly work-face.

• Quality content and marketing plan

Unfortunately, Developers are mainly focusing on the technical thing and ignore content. Developers have to focus on content also.

• User experience

A million of apps are present in the app store and play store. You may find many apps which are similar to your app; you have to face the competition and struggle to stand out. To make your app successful app has to fulfill customer satisfaction. User experience and response is important to understand app performance. The developer can study user behavior using analytic.

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