The Cost Of A Mobile App And Why Your Business Needs One

Before reading this article, please be aware of the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website. This article will not address these differences and you should research the significance between the two.

Building an app for your business is not as costly as you might think and offering an app to your customers can be one of the best marketing tools available for your business today. Many people believe that building a mobile app for their business is very expensive. While it’s true that highly integrated and customized apps can run into the tens of thousands, there are ways to build an app for only a few hundred dollars that can deliver the same value to your business.

To begin, you need to understand why investing in an app for your business is a small investment for substantial returns. The first and most important component is the ability to communicate with your audience. Second, the ability for users to access information and content is considerably faster than searching through a web browser. A custom mobile app also allows for a design that is consistent with your branding. Finally, the functionality a mobile app delivers far exceeds the limitations of a mobile website.

With the undeniable growth of mobile usage, business owners are eager to find ways to reach their customers on the go. By offering an app and having users accept push notifications, you’re given the privilege to send instant messages at any time. I say privilege, because abusing this powerful tool could lead to many users deleting your app and can cost you your next sale. Be aware to send deals and content that are significant to your fan base so they continue to look forward for more. As your audience grows, this will become invaluable to your marketing.

With consumers becoming less patient, a business can quickly loose sales if customers are delayed in finding what they need. A native app has everything already installed on the device and is able to run as quickly as the device allows. A mobile web site must connect with a web server through data networks and is therefore intrinsically slower. A simple example can be experienced within your own device by navigating through an app and comparing this to a mobile website. While you might think a few minutes in difference might not seem significant, today’s consumers do.

Design of your app is another contributing factor to the quickness an app allows a user to experience. A native application gives a rich experience through a mobile user interface. With the ability to create tabs in an orderly and customized fashion, your app allows your business to maintain your branding consistent with your other marketing mediums. With custom backgrounds and unique icons, your app will deliver a user experience that will strengthen a customers’ ability to identify with your business.

Along with push notifications, an app can deliver functionality like no other marketing tool available on the market today. With features like loyalty programs, direct snap photos they can email, voice recording delivery, and full image push notifications, a mobile app delivers the ability to engage with your customers that no social network is able to offer. A mobile app offers a forum that allows for shared communication and creates an ongoing bond that will grow your business and your bottom line.

Building a custom app for your business will increase engagement in an environment that you design and define. For the cost as a few hundred dollars to design and minimal monthly maintenance fees, offering your customers a mobile app should be an easy decision. The true cost for not offering a native app could be seeing your customers flee to your competitor.

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